How many days do you really need in Santorini?

Find at Emporio 847 03, call us on 694 457 7918 and book Santorini tours. How many days you will spend in Santorini depends on what season you go to and what you really want to do on the island. Ideally, around 4 nights wherever you go is good, because you manage to see locations, attractions, beaches and do all this without running.

If you go high-season, from June to August five nights are needed, since you will spend a lot of time on the beaches. Kokkini beach, one of the most popular on the island due to the volcanic rocks, the red sand with black pebbles and the hot springs, is more of an attraction than an ordinary beach!

Respectively the White beach with the white rocks that contrast with the black pebbles has an impressive beauty. For diving lovers, Armeni beach is recommended, which can only be reached by sea.

From October to May we recommend 3-4 nights. Prices are lower and you can find accommodation and ferry tickets at any time! You will definitely take a walk on the beaches of the island but you will not spend all day on them as you would in the summer for swimming and sunbathing as most beach bars in Perivolos, Perissa and Kamari will be closed.

What you can do is engage in activities such as hiking or walking that you would not do in the heat of summer. The route from Firostefani to Oia is enchanting.

The Caldera, the Black Mountain and the fantastic view through the path compensate for the whole walk! The photos are easily taken without waiting in line and you can enjoy the island without crowds.

Then there are the vineyards. There are many wineries to visit that produce various local varieties and carry out guided tours and wine tastings. It is also important that during this period due to low traffic there will be no crowds in the restaurants and bars of the island and you will enjoy your meal and drink in peace.

Finally, a complete exploration of the island must include Oia. The luxurious hotels on the steep cliffs of the island raise the adrenaline. The gaze of the sunset from the castle will reward you for the long walk in the narrow alleys of the area. In both Fira and Oia you will have the opportunity to enjoy the night entertainment with the dozens of bars and the fun that blooms every night of the summer season.

The beaches in Santorini

The beaches of the island are located in the southern and eastern part of the island. They are organized, crowded and cater to all tastes. Initially, Perissa and Kamari, located 13 minutes from Fira. By car are the busy beaches of the island.

A few minutes further south, Perivolos includes all the beach bars. They raise the volume of the music to the heights from noon and turn on the fun early. Vlychada, with its incredible natural relief, suitable for family getaways due to the quietness that is offered. Finally, you should definitely take the boat from the beach of Akrotiri and visit the Red, Black and White beach.

Intertwined with the most idyllic sunsets in the world, Santorini is one of the top summer destinations in the world. Romantic because of the sun, eerie because of the volcano, noisy as people from all over the world love it, cosmopolitan since it has some of the best restaurants, bars and hotels in the world, Santorini has been a popular destination for years – and this is not to be expected to change at all soon.

One of the main advantages of Santorini, however, is that its beauties are not ideal for its visitors to enjoy only in the heat of summer. On the contrary, many of them can be even more beautiful the rest of the year. The season on the island usually lasts from March to October.

This trip will be unforgettable. The sunset in Imerovigli, the donkeys on the cobbled streets of Fira and the incredible view of Old Kammeni from the lighthouse are circumstances that you will remember for a lifetime. It is said that whoever visits Santorini once, will definitely go again. Start the journey with holidays in Santorini!

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