Waterproof mobile cases: Protect your device


Waterproof mobile cases: Protect your device

Mobile cases – θήκες κινητών – are the best way to provide daily protection to your device in general but mainly from the sea in the summer.

Smartphones are a good investment as they are useful to us in our daily lives and beyond. So we have to be careful with these precious devices.

Now that summer is approaching, which is the time of year with the seas, sweat and too much water, we should pay special attention to our device.

Waterproof cell phone cases and waterproof transparent mobile phone cases can protect your phone from unexpected water damage so you can easily take underwater photos and videos.

Waterproof mobile cases for underwater shots at sea

A waterproof mobile phone case can protect your phone when exposed to moisture, saving your phone in case of rain, snow, or an underwater adventure.

Smartphone cases in general are ideal for travel or camping, but waterproof mobile cases protect your device and offer you beautiful underwater shots at sea.

How can you protect your phone at sea?

The simplest way to protect your device not only from water but also from all kinds of liquid, dust, wear and tear, are the transparent mobile phone cases, which are hard, plastic bags that fit your device and close airtight.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit just about any device on the market, and many of them have a special strap so you can adjust them to your wrist for added security.

For those who want to effectively protect their device from water and other troubles, there are special waterproof cases.

Unlike the aforementioned transparent cases mentioned above, these are cut and sewn to the dimensions of each device: as if you were taking a regular case. They are bulkier than simple, everyday cases, but they offer perfect fit and excellent control.

They have special covers, screwed or with elastic plugs for the various ports, such as headphones and charger, while before any purchase, it would be good to look at the protocol on which the case you like is based.

Protect your phone with Thikishop phone cases and accessories

Find the right mobile cases and the right mobile accessories through the most up-to-date e-shop with smartphone cases and smartphone accessories and so you will go to the beach without fear.

How to protect your mobile phone on the beach

How many times have you had your favourite smartphone fall into the sand, or be filled with sunscreen or even fall into the sea?

Summer is coming and it’s natural to go to the sea, but how many times have you felt the feeling of fear that your device will suffer? You have spent a lot of money to buy the cell phone you have wanted for a long time now and within minutes of a carelessness it can be damaged by falling into the sea or sand.

Mobile phones on the beach need special treatment, as they are not designed to withstand high temperatures. But there are many ways to go carefree at sea without fear of getting your cell phone damaged.

Mobile cases are a solution to keep your head calm.

1. Invest in a waterproof mobile phone case

Invest in a waterproof smartphone case that is very useful for your device and does not cost much. The waterproof mobile case prevents water from entering the device and thus creating a short circuit.

However, it does not allow sand to enter the charging ports as well as the camera and the best thing is that you can take underwater photos with a waterproof mobile case.

2. Keep your phone safe and cool

Those of you who sunbathe should be a little more careful when leaving your mobile phone as the long exposure of your mobile phone to the sun creates problems. As you sunbathe, you can have another towel with you to place on your device so that it is not in direct contact with the sun.

3. Place it in a plastic bag

In case you do not have a waterproof case with you, a plastic bag is also a temporary solution. If you haven’t bought a waterproof smartphone case yet, you can have it in a bag, which also prevents water and sand from entering your device.

4. Watch out for creams and tanning oil

Your phone should be kept away from creams and tanning oils because if the oil spills on the appliance it can damage the speakers, the screen and the keyboard.

Of course, if that happens, what the manufacturers suggest is for some hours your cell phone in a bowl of rice. Rice has the ability to absorb moisture and thus prevent any damage to your mobile phone.

5. Use cellophane tape or insulating tape

The sand can scratch the screen and penetrate the device, blocking its operation. You can close the doors of your device with insulating tape or duct tape and thus minimize the chances of damage.

Protect your device on the beach with mobile cases from Thikishop.gr.

Find the right mobile cases and the right mobile accessories through the most up-to-date e-shop with smartphone cases and smartphone accessories and so you will go to the beach without fear.

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