What should you look out for before buying a security door?


To be sure that you will put the best security door in your space, you should pay due attention to the following points:

  • Check the certifications
  • Choose a branded company
  • Avoid the most economical option
  • Inform about the structure and technical characteristics of the door
  • Check the terms of the guarantee
  • Choose a security lock
  • Consider the door trim
  • Find a qualified technician to install it

In more detail:

The security door you choose should be accompanied by anti-burglary certification and CE certification, which means that the door was made in accordance with European quality standards. Also, you should definitely get a guarantee from the manufacturer, which you should study to be sure that its terms cover you 100%.

Prefer a well-known company like Alfino Door. It is a fact that well-known brands in the security door market usually have higher prices, compared to unknown manufacturers. However, a recognized brand and a manufacturer with years of experience in the field, are likely to offer you a greater guarantee.

Do not be fooled by the offers at too low prices for security doors. A very low price can be an indication that the door you choose is not very high quality.

Regarding the structure and technical characteristics of the door, the first thing you should check is the type of door shield. Double and triple shielding offer greater security and insulation. You have to be just as careful with the choice of material and type of upholstery, as this is the factor that will judge the durability of the door over time, weather, or any knocks. Finally, the choice of a security lock, the presence or absence of a defender, and the number of locking points of the door are the other features of a security door, which you should discuss in detail with the manufacturer you choose.

One of the most important things that affect the lifespan of a security door is proper placement. Security doors must be installed by experienced technicians, specializing indoor / lock replacement.

Fill in the form and in a few minutes, we will find suitable professionals for security doors in your area, to give you offers!

What are the 4 myths about the security door?

There are several myths about the security door, so it’s good to know what really applies.

1. “If they want to come in, they will come in”

Thieves can only get in when you give them a chance. You do not have to wait for your luck. There are many ways to take care of your security, with the security door being the easiest.

2. “I have nothing of value anyway. ”

The thieves do not know this, so they will try to get in anyway. Certainly, material goods are of little importance concerning your safety. But are you willing to risk it? Aside from the objectively scary experience, you can have, are you sure that they will be content with just what they find?

3. “I do not need a security door, because I live in a safe neighborhood. ”

It does not matter where you live or how much you miss home. Thieves do not discriminate. They probably know in which areas they can break in more easily, so do not be complacent. Take your measures and take precautions. Even for 10 minutes away from home, it is important not to leave anything open or the door unlocked.

4. “The security door has a high cost. ”

One of the most erroneous beliefs. As with all products, there is a wide variety of prices. It is a given that you can find an offer that satisfies your needs and with the right professional, its placement will become a toy. After all, you have to think about its cost in proportion to what it offers you. How much do you cost for the opportunity to sleep peacefully at night?


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